King's Mission

Love Jesus • Love Eastbourne • Love our World

King's Church exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in action and in words, to build a community of worshippers today—and for future generations.

The Church has grown from a home into a warehouse, it has planted sites, built a school and transformed thousands of lives across the world. Through our daily lives shaped by Jesus, we will bring life to everyone, creating kingdom culture in Eastbourne and beyond.

King's Culture

As a church community we will be:


We give away without expectation of what we receive in return. Resourcing others with our time, talents and treasure.


We aim at imitating Jesus in the way we live our lives, at times we do this well and at others we fall short. We admit and accept that together.


We embrace the beauty of difference over sameness, and create homes for strangers.


We celebrate others for all they say and do.


We instil courage in each other, building up not tearing down.


We pursue life and justice over comfort and convenience.


King's Values


Living a life of faith and obedience based on and subject to the Bible—God's word.


Walking daily in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


Expressing a life of intimacy with God by worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.


Developing a lifestyle of prayer to fuel all we do as followers of Jesus.


Demonstrating the love of God in authentic Christian life together.


Pursuing Christ-like maturity and ministry.


Sharing the Good News of Jesus in actions and words.


Managing wisely and giving generously of our time, talents and treasure.


A reconciled church, united as family, full of unexpected friendships.

To read through our values in full you can download a PDF of our "We Love" booklet:

Values booklet (PDF)

We Love Booklet

King's Vision

Our vision is to advance God's Kingdom. We will use every means possible, to proclaim the gospel and equip every household to grow as disciples of Jesus. We aim to achieve three things this year:

Gather to family and friendship — With 50+ midweek groups, monthly feasts and a vibrant community life.

Grow in character and gifting — With every church member regularly using the spiritual gifts, praying and reading the Bible with others.

Go in mission and service — With everyone able to share their story and actively serving others.

Our vision adapts and develops as we seek to be obedient to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We particularly seek God’s guidance at the start of every year, and we factor his direction into our budgeting and strategy. While our vision adapts, our values and cultures do not.

Finding out more

If you would like to find out more about King's, our Joining the Church Family course is a great place to meet the leaders and ask any questions you have.

The course is relaxed and friendly, and a great place to meet others that are new to King's and make friends. And if King's is not where you feel called, we would love to help you get connected to other local churches.

A little bit of history...

Travel back in time with a video we created a few years ago to celebrate our 30th anniversary. A whole generation has been raised through our church. Many loved ones have spread out across the UK and the globe on this amazing mission to make Jesus known.

King's has looked quite different over the years. But we're so excited to see what comes next—and who God will bring through our doors. Maybe you could play a big part of all that God is doing at King's? We can't wait to find out...