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Groups are where we make friends, belong and grow together. There are lots of groups at Kings and lots of places to connect with others. Groups like Alpha and Alpha Plus for those who want to find out more about Christianity. Activity groups like boxing, badminton, football and crafts. There are prayer groups and group that focus on Bible study and follow our Sunday teaching. Groups like Joining The Church Family for those who are new to Kings wanting to find out how we tick. Groups that have a mission or social action focus reaching out to our community, and we have also included kids and youth groups. With such a wide variety we hope there is something for everyone, whether you are new to Kings or have been around for a while.

To get started you can view all groups or use one of the drop-down filters above to focus your search on a particular area. For lots more information on how our groups operate visit our Groups FAQ. You can sign up here or, if you prefer, there are also a number of other ways.

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