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The Big Objections
To God, Christianity and the church. What’s your objection?

What are your doubts, objections and criticisms of Christianity? We asked our local community this question and stressed that no subject was off-limits or too honest. We had many objections raised about all sorts of issues including science, suffering, sexuality, world religions and the Bible.

If you have objections, questions or doubts about the Christian faith there's a good chance they've been addressed here. Check out the media section below which includes our main 30 minute talks, a whole range of short videos and other media.

Responses from The Big Objections
The bible is little more than a story book, written by man preached by man and believed by the ill informed and the misguided...religion really is irrelevant in this day and age and so are the people who still believe the nonsense.
The church promotes God is all powerful and all good but He must either be one or the other as bad things happen to good people every day. When an innocent child dies the stock answer "we don't understand the bigger picture" does not cut it for me.
Please tell me what makes your Christian denomination correct and the other approximately 4500 recognised religions belief systems throughout the world wrong?
If God knows what is going to happen to every single person from the beginning-including where we will all end up (Heaven or Hell), why is He making us (humans) go through with it since the end is already known from the beginning?
The church makes the mistake of having views - which are in fact judgements - on the role of women, gay marriage etc. If the church treated everyone equally and left the judgement to God, it may have a future.
The church behaves as if Jesus Himself was Christian. If He came back today I don't think He would not recognise himself a Christian - He would say One world, one God as he would recognise that all these different religious 'clubs' are unhelpful and divide people.
I believe the bible is treated as a false idol and that Jesus would be shocked at the emphasis the church places on the bibles' contradictory and often outdated messages and not enough on the timeless message that He was trying to give. The message Jesus gave was simple - love God (of all) and love your neighbour.
I am amazed that any Christians with their own children can still believe that we are all 'born in sin'. I am also amazed that the same Christians believe in a 'loving God' when children die in pain every day all over the planet.
The Noah's Ark story ignores the fact that God that created the Flood in the first place. Other than the Arks residents, God killed every last man, woman, child, newborn baby due to their wickedness. Is a newborn wicked, and deserving of death? Why would anyone want to worship a deity that indiscriminately drowns babies?
If christianity is real, and not a state of mind, why is it only discoverable through a collection of books which have been written and selected by humans to make up the bible? If christianity is real, and God communicates in many ways, it should discoverable by anyone, anywhere, without needing a book.
The "story" defense of violence sanctioned or perpetrated by an omnibenevolent God in the Old Testament given in the "Fairy Stories" sermon doesn't make sense to me. Weren't people in the Old Testament as deserving of mercy as people in the New? Why not send Jesus to the Egyptians, Canaanites, and Amalekites instead of killing them?
The new testament / Pauline message is too prescriptive and specific / narrow to truly sit comfortably with a realistic image of humans and the world.
The fact that Jesus died seems like manipulative self harm to me-that is, if he was God, and God is all-powerful, then it was unnecessary to dispose of Original Sin. The constant emphasis on 'he died for us!' fails if he did it just to persuade us to love him.
Why did God create the tree of good and evil? So God created evil right! from my eighteen year old daughter.
The "Sleep With" sermon failed to touch on what my objection is to the Christian position on homosexuality, which is: what, exactly, is so bad about two men or two women loving each other that it should land them in an eternal lake of fire?
i have 2 sons who in their mid twenties do not happen to believe christianity. why is the god/church of the bible (new & old) who instructs us not to play the blame game nor be debt collectors obsessed with 'becoming a christian' to be 'accepted/right with him' or be judged to eternal torment and separation from truth, rather than as we are all to be (1 corinthians 13) unconditionally accepting, forgiving and loving?
On the topic of 'Why does a God care who I sleep with?' (interesting and thought-provoking video), why is God so concerned with notions of femaleness and maleness - why does God care what genitalia two people have in the first place? If the two people are two good (even Christian) souls joining for good reasons, why does that matter?
I take things literally and can't get my head around the whole bible, Jesus/god story. I want to believe and feel spiritual but the language at church turns me off. Maybe because my parents are atheist scientists!
I cannot believe that a kind and loving God could create a world that does not have food and water shared equally, where so many innocent people are cruelly treated by evil people, where population growth is not naturally controlled, where birth itself can be horrendous and where most animals kill to live. Surely there could have been a better eternal plan.
To be frank, if my being gay or scepticism to worship an arrogant deity based on nothing but empty assertions will send me to hell, I wouldn't want to spend one second in heaven.
How on earth do you derive comfort from an omnipotent celestial dictator who watches your every movement and demands you to love and fear him simultaneously? It is the very essence of sadomasochism.
You are not going to find God in a warehouse on roundabout run by "Moonies" whilst paying good money to sing along to "lift music"
If God has created us and he knows the plan he had for us before we even do then he knows that we will fall in love with the right person for us regardless of sex. How then, is every gay person damned etc? Is this people interpretating scripture to their own beliefs on the matter?
I am shocked at how political church can be. How can people call themselves Christian by merely attending church, not living the Christian morals and values. How can these people them believe that they can accept others into their fold to gain forgiveness and turn to God when they themselves can not live by the teachings of the bible!
Why is it only ok to have intercourse when you're married when not all married couples are in love, but not if you are in a relationship before marriage and in love?
How can you trust God that you don't make a wrong descision when deciding on a future partner? Do you think God has a will for the person you marry or do you think it's just a natural thing that happens?
How come all these stories, events and whatever are always based in the middle east? And how come nothing has happened recently? I believe the bible was written by some blokes who were like "Ok, if we are going to live on this earth we need to set some ground rules. And we will scare the people into thinking their is a higher power".
The biggest is that i believe the bible to be the word of man, not god. I can't accept god made man write it. I believe the concept of heaven and hell is made by man to control people through fear.
Does Christianity provide simple answers to complicated questions? Does it limit critical thinking, innovations & scientific progress?
I have completed an Alpha Course; I have asked Jesus into my life, but I still struggle on a daily basis to accept the illogical teachings of the Bible. I have many Christian friends, who frankly do not deserve to go to Heaven and many Non Christian friends who do. God certainly doesn't make things easy!
What are the beliefs behind no sex before marriage? Why do some Christians uphold this and others do not?
How do I know when God will tell me his plan.
Why does God allow illnesses. How do you listen to God's voice.
If I did not ask God to be created, why would he send me to hell for not beliving in him or for not folowing him.
The Bible seems chauvinistic with lots of men ruling not women,also God is not meant to be man nor girl. God is called the father why? men are usually better at ruling I was told. I think there is an equal amount of both gender that would rule well. By "ruling" I don't always mean to be God. Why would a fair God allow all this?
If there is a god why did he create prions?
As a gay man, I believe in God and that God loves me for who I am. Why do people use the bible to fuel their own homophobia? I will not attend church because of prejudice.
What if we are all deluded and actually what we experience in church is 'group think' rather than an authentic visit of the Holy Spirit?
How can any sane person believe there is some unseen 'god' out there somewhere! It is a crutch used by weak people to try to explain and justify things which have happened in their lives. Get real and face up to the fact that what happens to us is up to both luck and our own decisions, not some mystical presence.
What about the religions before Christianity that have very similar stories to Jesus and his life? e.g. Mithraism etc
gay marriage the church will accept?
What would happen if it was proved one day that God didn't exist and the bible was all lies?
The reality of God - where is He? I agree he exists completely but why when his people are listening and following his voice - is he not doing more radical stuff - its not just for people like Bill Johnson - where is the reality in normal peoples lives?
Why has God stopped carrying out spectacular miracles (Ten Plagues of Egypt, Crossing the Red Sea, Joshua Stops the Sun, burning bush not consumed). Today we are left with claims of miraculous healing and other trivialities (when compared with the ‘big’ miracles’). Seems a bit suspect that we have had nothing in 2000 years!
Why are people punished for other people's sins? It says in the Bible that you inherit blessings and/or curses from your forefathers. Also why do all women suffer, particularly in childbirth, because of the sins of Eve? Why punish only women and not men? And why should anyone be punished for someone else's sins?
Do Christians, Jews, and Moslems worship the same God?
Why would God send non-religious people, who lead 'good' lives, to Hell?
I have heard that Kings Church is after your money, so it puts me off going there.
How misinformed and uninformed Christians in England (generally over the age of 30) are about topics such as "Evolution" and "The Big Bang" Being asked by my university educated (medical professional) stepmother (who is about 45) "If we came from monkeys why are there still monkeys?" in all seriousness is unbelievably depressing. -A secular atheist
The hypocrisy of the Bible and how Christians seem to be able to ignore it. For example the many contradicting verses in the bible are usually met with "that's not how it's supposed to be interpreted" Not all Christians are like this, I'm well aware, however the majority I have interacted with are, and it is an issue. -A secular atheist.
I live with my boyfriend and it suits us not to get married yet. I think that if I went to church, people would not agree to us doing this and make me feel akward.
My Aunt, who lives in Eastbourne, has lost her two husbands to cancer, at relatively young ages. She says she cannot believe in a loving God.
I don't believe in a loving God because there is so much suffering and so many awful things happening in the world.
I believe that when you die that's it. Nothing afterwards.
My life is alright as it is. I don't need to go to church.
I was brought up in a Christian family and have tried Church, but I just don't like it. I feel like I am sitting on the fence, because I can see fors and againsts.
My husband does not like religion, and although I would like to believe in Christian things, I do not want to upset our marriage. We have a good marriage. He wouldn't like me turning 'religious'.
You assert that the Bible is the word of God, but that is only what its human (key word number one) authors claim (key word number two). So how exactly can you convince me, without this self-referential loop and thereby invalid recourse to what the Bible says, that what it says really is the word of God, anymore so than any other human invention?
The Bible was written by humans in the Bronze Age and much of it (e.g., the account of how the world was made and where evil came from, as given in Genesis) is so profoundly illogical, and was clearly written as a mythical interpretation of reality in a pre-scientific age, that only the most irrationally devout of Christians believe it.
My greatest doubt in Christianity is the fact that the entirety of its doctrine is based on a single, highly questionable source: the Bible. It is highly hypocritical that Christians accuse secularists of placing man at the centre of how reality is interpreted, thereby dispensing with God. But this is exactly what Christians do with the Bible!
Yahweh says "Show them no mercy," Jesus says "Love your enemies," and yet Christians claim that both are God.
What exactly is 'God's Plan'? It seems that when anybody asks a difficult or awkward question the response tends to be 'It's God's Plan'. Does that mean 'It's God's Plan' for whatever is happening to that person at that time, or does 'God's Plan' encompass what is happening all over the world all of the time?
god may or may not exist - but I'm pretty sure that faith is cultural
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." Carl Sagan
Christianity teaches us that eternal torment awaits those who question God's infinite love. This is so obviously paradoxical and hypocritical it's almost laughable. I would laugh but this pathetic nonsense is taught to innocent credulous children and poisons their mind. It's a form of child abuse, and it makes the world a worse place to live in.
I know some Christians who go to your church who have some terrible moral views regarding gay rights and animal rights, and when I asked them about it they justified it by quoting the bible at me.
It's irrational. The evidence in support of a faith in a Christian God (ie the Bible) was written by MEN 1000's of years ago - why do Christians just accept their version of the truth (good story though) when anyone could have written anything!
What happens to people from all other religions if the only way to God is through Jesus? Eternal damnation? this does not seem to fit with the message of love and forgiveness that Jesus spoke of??
I have a strong feeling that there is one God and that all religions are ultimately worshipping different interpretations of that God. How can the only way to God be through JC and what happens to all those other Hindus/ Muslims/ Sikhs. . Eternal damnation?
What is your take on the Devil/evil/sin? what I really don't get is the talk of 'demons' in the Bible and how this fits into 2014
Can God work through non-believers to bring about the kingdom of Heaven? If so, then is it a requirement to follow Christianity to receive salvation?
"God hates me, that's what it is" Roger Murtaugh
"Hate him back, works for me" Martin Riggs
If two of every living creature were saved in Noah's ark, how come 1. Millions of different creatures exist today, far more than could have evolved in a few thousand years? 2. How did all the kangeroos get to Australia and only Australia? 3. How would a wooden boat the size of the ark be strong enough to stay together?
It just all seems a little silly that if there is a god-type figure that he/she/it conforms exactly to a bunch of stories written in the Bronze Age. And I also don't believe I (or any humans) are inherently sinful and need redeeming. We're just human, and imperfectly doing the best we can. We don't need redeeming, we just need love.
If adam and eve were the first people on earth and they had 2 children, kane and abel and they got married, where did the wives come from??
"See I got this problem. God doesn't like me, so I don't like God. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na" Clarence Boddicker
At the end of the day, perhaps we all just believe what we feel and what we want. I want to feel close to the natural universe and I feel part of it. There's so much power and meaning so much greater than me but there's no room for a God who seems to have such a human male ego. On the other hand if that's what makes you feel safe...
God did not create us in his image; we created him in ours.
Over 4000 religions exist and most believers are not Christian. If all these people won't find a Christian God does God effectively condemn them all to hell in the vain hope they are converted by a Christian minority? Why are the Christians special? Or, if non-Christian believers can go to heaven then why the determination that we all be Christian?
Why is it I have more Christian values ( being a non church goer) than some so called Christians ?!
I don't like the idea that a group of people or a book written by people has the power to judge others and know right from wrong. I have often wanted to explore religion, but find it un reachable and incompatible with my fundamental values.
Hi. I have no evidence in there being a God. I have no explanation for how this amazing planet was made, but I cannot just shrug my shoulders and say 'God must have done it'. No problem at all with anyone who does believe though.
why is there so much pain and suffering if god is real and so great ? , i no christians say he sets tasks and lessons , to me if someone was so powerful they wouldnt make so much cruelty in the world . life is life , and individually we make the world go round .
I don't believe that the Bible is totally true. Maybe some parts are valid, but it's a book written by different people at different times. How can Christians believe that it is inerrant?
Creationism vs evolution
The theory of evolution is really quite compelling and i struggle to accept that there is another likely scenario where the world and all its glory is created by another means. You can't argue with the presence of fossils and scientific evidence to suggest that we have evolved over millions of years.
Did Jesus really come back to life?
People say that the story of Christ is The Greatest Story Ever Told. I prefer Commando. It's more believable. Also, John Matrix wouldn't have betrayed Jenny like Abraham did Isaac. It's a morally superior tale.
The Bible is riddled with demonstrably false information and hideous moral lessons. This is incompatible with an omniscient and all-loving God. Your religion is false. The end.
Why doesn't God help me when I need him most?
If all God created was good, how can Satan be bad?
Why does God let us take so long to heal?
Why did God give us free will if he knew what the outcome of the world would be like (suffering, poverty, cruelty)?
How was God alive before time began?
Why do people suffer?
If God doesn't like violence, the why does it exist?
I wasted over 20 years of my life on this nonsense.
Why do Christians deny the Nad Hammadi texts which were discovered in 1945?
If god created the universe who created god? Why is all the evidence in Darwin's theory of evolution ignored by creationists. If there is only one true god how can all religions be right? The Bible is written by multiple people over a very long time, how can this be assumed to be an accurate description of the events depicted in it?
Why does God seem to continually give people in third world countries a raw deal in their suffering, their prayers never seem to get answered. If God is powerful then why does he step back and continually allow these people to suffer? That is where I am confused and don't see a God of love?
oldest doubt ever.... why would god allow good people to die and let mass murders etc to live.... not seen a moses-eque storm killing all the 'bad guys'
My neighbour objects because although his wife is a Christian, he cannot believe the bible stories, they seem like fiction to him.
My brother-in-law objects because his sister was 'religious' and she would not talk to their mother. It put him off religion to see a religious person behave like that.
Why is the church so against same sex relationships? People cannot help how they are born. The church accepts people with disabilities and handicaps. so why not gays?
If Jesus gave you power to heal and raise the dead, why aren't you out there doing just that?
I have been seriously abused by an evangelical church who told me that my mental illness was as a result of my sin (although they could not name that sin). They said they had "handed me over to Satan and the pressures of the world for the destruction of the flesh". Sadly this is not my only experience of abuse at the hands of Christian churches.
I'm gay. Not something I have tried to become but it's how I was made. Why should I not be allowed to be in a loving relationship with a man? I am also a christian but feel I am living a lie at church as I know I will be an outcast if im found out.
My objection is the church, the people in it, I know they are not perfect, in the world today you go to church, you feel like a outsider, you can't just go to the service and listen to the word, you have to tell everything about yourself, then have to do a Alpha course, go to house group just to belong
The belief that Jesus and Christianity are the only way to god and salvation. What makes us think we are so much better or more valid than other faiths? God is god. How you choose to get to god is up to you!
Having been abused by one evangelical church, I decided to try again with another, this time in the Church of England. When I subsequently came out as gay I was judged and rejected. It is quite clear to me that church does not want me. There are even members of Kings Church who, despite knowing me, will not even acknowledge me in the street.
What sets you apart from all the other faiths, they all claim similar beliefs and all have compelling arguments?
Why is same-sex activity sinful, when God made some people to feel attracted to their own sex. They didn't choose to be like that!
Why did God create animals that need to kill and eat one another in order to survive?
Was there really so much fighting and killing for the Christian movement to win through as shown on the TV documentary?
Sometimes I doubt it all, whether God really exists and whether I'll go to heaven when I die. Sometimes I think that nothing will happen when my life ends.
Why do you assume that people object? It maybe that they just giggle indulgently like they do about children who believe in the Tooth Fairy.
Christianity is unscientific. Things shouldn't be believed because of 2000 year-old anonymous second-hand eye-witness testimony, or personal revelations, or dreams, or because an old book said so. Things should be believed because there is repeatable, independently verifiable evidence. But making yourself open to objections is a good step forward.
My critique is the contempt pored on the prophetic :( Very much saddens me!
As throughout the majority of society, the role of women seems to be deemed as "lower" or restricted compared to that of man. I am not saying that either gender is better, but were created to compliment each other. Passion for a cause and calling are often sidelined because of gender and that angers me
People can commit awful attrocities yet be forgiven & go t0 heaven. Non Christians can live exemplary lives yet still go to hell. This message actually promotes violence & wrongdoing of all kinds.
What about the claim the jews make that a lot of the new testemant couldn't actually reflect factual 1st century palestine?
People who think that every single thought or idea presented in the Bible is a literal commandment of God, regardless of context, or the prejudice of the biblical author, aka the human element
It's the Christians I have trouble with
If the desires of God are actioned through man, then the fruits of the action should be according to plan. Church try's too hard to be all-inclusive, a package holiday, guests feast on fatty food laced with additives and where the gym is rarely used but looks/sounds good. People drink and drink rather than visit for a refreshment.
My objection is not to God, but to his so-called representatives on earth; paedophile priests, charlatans, evangelistic millionaires...why does God allow this?
if the church is meant to be a place where all can be welcome to come in, why has its actions meant that some people cannot access it because of fear about how they will be perceived within the church.
The Church has diluted Jesus' message. Its people are impotent and cowardly. Its music and Art reflects its nature - mediocre and blandly revolting. The media condescend and pacify its people with anoemic shows like S of P - it's a horror story on prime time. If Jesus was dead he'd be at 12 000 rpm in His grave.
I've always struggled with the question, why does God allow children to get cancer, or die young in terrible accidents? Why is there such horrid suffering for some children?
My objection is that people carry out the most hideous levels of violence in the name of god whether it is homophobic abuse or wars between nations. I think the voice of god has the resounding tones of man.
Why doesn't God just destroy Satan?
I do not believe the New Frontiers church has it scripturally right concerning women cannot preach or teach. Jesus never taught that and what Paul said needs to be understood in its right context. There is an abundance of scripture to show otherwise. When will you repent of your spiritual male arrogance and understand the scriptures correctly?
Why do we need to kill each other in this world
Why do some people seem to 'hear' God and I long and call out and nothing happens? Does he just listen to some people and 'fill' some people whilst leaving others to believe but with nothing inside
I struggle with the idea that evil is a real force in the world; even more so with the concept of Satan as the "personification" of evil.
There are so many conflicts over religion because of extremists forcing their views that I feel I wouldn't want to be associate with that.
The idea of religion makes me feel like I am not an individual and that everyone has to have the same interpretation of the bible and story of events.
Why isn't the church today like the New Testament Church?
if there is God, why does he allow babies and children to be treated badly, to suffer disease and die? surely children are yet to be bad or offend God. Also why do we have to have pain and suffering? it doesn't make people stronger it causes misery and misery begets misery!
Highly concerned about the churches objection to contraception; homosexuality; and women. I left my local church as a female non-stipendary priest was not allowed to move further within the system. Our priest was appalling and had no time for his parishioners, he relied upon her to do all the work related to the church. So sad
When my brother died suddenly in his sleep,I'm still left clueless Some times I'm angry at God or upset or confused. I don't expect it all to make sense but merly why could you cut a life so short? Am I being punished? Can God free me from suffering and pain? Is this all a test in how strong my faith is? I don't understand.
Confusion between undeserving grace and forgiveness, and trying to live the way the bible teaches and failing.
Does God love us all? The bible says God is a God of Love and loves us all. So why does he let us suffer with illness,starvation,abuse, suffering and many more dreadful happenings in the world time and time again. Sometimes enough is enough, when is it going to end? From LS
The church is sexist - and favours men over women.
What makes your God different the God terrorist's follow?
From a scientific view of creation, sometimes it challenges my belief that there is a God even bigger than the universe. The question; who made God then? Often springs to mind.
How certain are Christians about heaven existing?
The subjects/stories always seems to be so abstract they loose me in the first paragraph and then I loose interest!
Negative media, such as the UKIP MP stating that gay people caused bad weather does the church no favours. Seeing CofE investing money in non-ethical companies. Views of others not being respected.

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Got Questions about Life? Try Alpha

The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low key, friendly and fun.

Our Alpha course is a series of nine evenings. At the beginning of each evening a free meal is served, giving you a chance to get to know others, relax and enjoy yourself. Then there’s a talk, addressing key issues like ‘Who is Jesus?’ ‘What happens when we die?’ and ‘What about suffering?’

And then there’s an opportunity to discuss what you’ve heard, share your views, and ask anything you like. Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too hostile.

If you want to join the thousands of other people who have been on Alpha, head over to