24-7 Prayer

14th—28th January 2019

It was amazing to see every minute of every day filled with prayer throughout September. With our two rooms at Hampden Park and Centro we completed over a thousand hours of continuous prayer!

This January we’re going to kick off the year with another two weeks of non-stop prayer. Starting at 12am on 14th January, we’re going to pray again for our friends, families, communities, churches and nations for the coming year. What could we see God do?

The booking system is now open. To sign up, you'll find the prayer room links in the main menu of ChurchSuite. For a tour of the prayer room, see the video below.

Love Eastbourne

Starts 14th January 2019

Love Eastbourne is back for the third time this January! We’ve ordered a fresh batch of tokens and are cooking up new ideas on how we can bless our town, no strings attached.

On 14th January you will be able to collect as many tokens as you like, using each one to bless someone in Eastbourne. We will all blitz the town together for several weeks. With a thousand people simultaneously starting a wave of generosity, who knows where it could lead!

If this is your first time the concept is simple: find a way to bless a stranger, friend, colleague or neighbour. It could be through an anonymous gift, an act of service, through business (if you own one) or by stepping in and making a difference at key moments.

By passing on the Love Eastbourne token with each act of kindness, the recipient is invited to ‘pay it forward’and bless someone else. They can join in or simply enjoy receiving the gift.

Last year it was fantastic to see the town get involved, sending us stories of gifts they had received and acts of kindness they had passed on.

There are lots of really easy ideas on our web page and our @loveebo Instagram is full of stories, ideas and inspiration.

Going to get involved? Generosity is infectious and we would love to use your stories to encourage others, share ideas and celebrate kindness. So don’t keep it to yourself; tell us what you did and take a photo if you can. You can send your photos and stories in completely anonymously if you wish:

Email: hello@loveeastbourne.uk
Message us anonymously: www.kings.church/share

Grab Your Grow Bags

January 2019

Our Grow Bags are packed with resources to do exactly that: grow! They’re designed for small groups of two or three, and are a great way to challenge each other to deepen our walk with God.

They provide a simple framework to focus on three things: your relationship with God, your relationships with others and your involvement in the world.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab one in the summer, we’ll have a new batch available from January. They also come with packed with the ever-popular... accountability bingo! Complete with 30 sided dice. See inside the pack in the video below (filmed last summer):


Sunday 27th January, Hampden Park
Sunday 3rd February, Centro

If you would like to be baptised please sign up through ChurchSuite or at the Info Point on a Sunday morning.

Ashburnham 2019

23rd—26th August 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or have never camped before, Ashburnham is a great opportunity to gather together as a family of New Ground churches on a mission.

We’ve got an amazing weekend planned, with the theme ‘Empowered by the Holy Spirit’, we’re just praying for a hugely significant time together.

Price Breaks
Up to 31 January: £105 adult, £10 child
Up to 31 March: £115 adult, £10 child
Up to 18 July: £145 adult, £15 child

Full-time servers and 0-2 year olds are free.

Sanctuary Cafe

Every Tuesday, 10:30am–12:30pm at the Speak life Centre
13 Realism Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3AY

Offering a warm welcome to refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants our team offers refreshments and a listening ear to folk who are often marginalised, overwhelmed and in need.

Also offering access to immigration support, advice and English Conversation Classes.

other dates for 2019

Men’s Prayer Event (including breakfast)

Saturdays: 2nd Feb, 2nd March, 6th April. 8am at the Kings Centre.

Women’s Prayer Event (including breakfast)

Saturday 26th January, 9am at the Kings Centre.

Mother’s Day & Child Celebration

Sunday 31st March, Hampden Park & Centro

Giving thanks and praying for the new life in our church. If you would like to take part please sign up through ChurchSuite or at the Info Point on a Sunday morning.