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Biblical Theology
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The Biblical Theology Course is about going through the Scriptures, in order, tracing their major themes and emphases, and allowing them to shape and challenge our views of God, his gospel, his people, and his mission.

After an introductory evening on how we do theology, which sets up the approach to the Bible we will use, we will go through major blocks of teaching and discussion as follows:

  • Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy)
  • Conquest to United Monarchy (Joshua to 2 Samuel, Psalms, Wisdom)
  • Division to Exile (1 Kings to 2 Chronicles, pre-exilic prophets)
  • Exile and Return (Ezra to Esther, exilic and post-exilic prophets)
  • Gospels (Matthew to John)
  • Acts, James and Paul (Acts to Philemon, James)
  • Church Under Fire (Hebrews, 1 Peter to Revelation)

Video and audio recordings of past sessions are available to the left, together with the notes for the enitre course.

Our thanks to Rich Tutt, Liam Thatcher and Dan Hayter for writing several of the above sessions.