Life Through a Different Lens

“Before I was a Christian I came from an atheist family. I didn’t believe there was a God and had no intention of trying to believe … I remember having this overwhelming feeling that I just have to be prayed for.”

Eleanor’s Story

11 year old Eleanor tells her story of how, after a year of not being able to sleep in her room, she was released from all fear and anxiety through prayer. She later prayed for 6 year old Flick, who had a similar story, and who is also now able to sleep at night again. ‬

A burst fracture of the spinal chord, and forgiveness

“It’s often been said that refusing to forgive is a bit like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die”

Paul was hit by a car in 2004 and faced the possibility of death or paralysis on the operating table. Sustaining life-changing injuries, he talks about how he had to make a decision to move on and let go.

Video Stories: Paul Hoare from Kings Church on Vimeo.