May 2015 Baptisms

Watch the video of ten stories of transformation from our May 2015 baptism event. Timings: Rebecca (0:14), James (2:55), Luke (7:15), Luke (11:58), Floyd (13:41), Sara (18:40), Nadine (24:18), Hannah (28:01), Emily (31:26) and Sharah (35:45).

A £500 shopping spree for Ingham House resident

Thank You Card

This picture shows a thank you card from one of our Love Eastbourne initiatives. A resident of Ingham House care home shared that due to some unfortunate circumstances, she had been left with no money. Her basic needs were met, but her room had none of the personal touches that would make it homely. With their £500, Terri Belsey’s Life Group took her on a shopping spree and came back with new bed linen, matching curtains, cushions, lampshade, pictures and table lamps.

The card reads “Dear Christians who visit my home. I have asked someone to write this for me. My sight is very bad now … my room is beautiful. I chose red, a bright red rose and poppies. Thank you for my bedding I was so upset I cried. To think there are people still in the world who would care about an old woman’s bedroom looking pretty. I am so happy. I wake up and it’s my own. Thank you.”

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Arm Healed After a Motorbike Crash

It was great to meet our five new Impacters at our Eastbourne venue last Sunday. One of the Impacters, Andrew Lancaster, shared a story of healing he received just before Christmas.

Arm healed after a motorbike crash from Kings Church on Vimeo.

Audio Transcript:

This was a few months ago, just before Christmas. I just started my job at McDonalds and it was my first day. In the evening I decided to go round a friends house, so I got on my motorbike.

On the way there it was very dark, cold and raining, so I couldn’t see very well. A car came the other way with his high-beams on. I was going around 30-40mph and then as he passed I suddenly realised that I was on a corner. (I couldn’t see the corner before because of the high-beams). I didn’t have enough time to slow down — I slid off the road and went into a telegraph pole.

The bike went into the bush and I hit the telegraph pole shoulder first. I came around a little while later, my arm was quite painful and I didn’t know what was going on. There were blue flashing lights and policemen took me home. I didn’t break it, but I could not move my arm at all. It was completely useless.

I went to the doctor and he said I had torn a ligament, that it was going to take long time to heal, and that I was going to need surgery to get it fixed. So it was going to take several months.

Being that I just started my job on that day I immediately lost it. So that was the end of the job and I ended up in a bit of a desperate place — stuck at home, unable to work, unable to doing anything really. So I asked my friends to pray for me, and put it on Facebook, asking for more prayer. And in two days it completely healed.

I went back to the doctor just after that and he confirmed that my arm was totally better. So I was discharged. I got a letter a little while later saying ‘you’ve been discharged due to a miraculous healing’. And I’ve still got the letter!

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Happy Birthday Centro!

Centro One Year On

Wow what an amazing adventure our first year at Kings Centro has been.

We’ve seen 15 new people joining the church, 8 people being baptised and had nearly 250 different visitors on Sunday mornings. 12 guests attended our first Alpha Course and last Sunday we had our biggest Sunday attendance yet with nearly 240 people at our baby dedications. Our kids work is amazing and we regularly have 30 children under the age of 11 with us on a Sunday morning.

We’ve seen hips healed, ears unblocked, addiction to smoking and prescription drugs broken, Fathers finding a relationship with Jesus on their death beds and people finding work or money provided when they didn’t have any.

We have people from all over the world who have made this church their home. Poland, Spain, South Africa, Columbia, Russia, Australia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Greece, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Romania, America and many more each and every week.

Alongside our Sunday meetings 8 life groups meet with almost 100 adults attending each week and they have been regularly praying for our town and involved serving at Food Bank, Mathew 25, the Night Shelter and on Street Pastors. We’ve had faithful women going out every week into the town centre to sit on a bench intentionally talking to and praying for people they meet. During this time they’ve had words of knowledge and prayed for healing for those they’ve met.

We’ve hosted a production of Noah with over 500 guests, been part of the Eastbourne Carnival, handed out balloons, sweets and mother day flowers in town. Invited people to our Christmas and Easter celebrations and we are currently as part of the church’s LOVE Eastbourne gift day we’re buying Bourne school a new climbing frame for their playground.

Finally we’ve been blessed to build amazing relationships with local business including green grocers, cafes, bars and bistros through hosting prayer meetings and Alphas in restaurants in town, ladies cake nights, evening meals or men gathering after work at the Pub.

There are so many more stories you could hear from every person who’s been involved.

While enthusiasm and momentum will only carry us so far, we are here for the long term. We want to see our town changed and blessed as a result of us as a family of believers sharing and displaying the good news of the gospel.

The church we want to be is …..
Generous, Encouraging, Thankful, Real, Adventurous and Welcoming.

My prayer is that as we continue to meet and bless our town we would find more ways of engaging with the town throughout the week. I want us to continue in faith expectant that God would heal and save those we meet, welcoming all those we meet, thankful for all we have and a people who are blessing the community in town that we have been called to call our home.

Oli Stevens
Centro Site Pastor

Steve Arnold — Hearing Healed

Steve Arnold suffered from deafness in his left ear for three decades, after serving in the Army’s Bomb Disposal unit in the 1970s and 80s. At our prayer event last month his hearing was restored suddenly through prayer. One month on he is happy to report that his hearing is still crystal clear. Listen to his story below. You can also read a transcript of the telephone interview below.


Steve: At the last prayer meeting I was praying with Paul Atkins and Pete Lozinski, who I’ve never met before, and he said to me “is there something wrong with your hearing?”.

I said “well yeah”, and explained that since my time in the army I’ve had very muffled, low hearing in my left ear. We started praying and all of a sudden my hearing came back. There was no ‘pop’ or anything, it just came back. It was like someone just turned the switch.

Q: So how long have you had bad hearing in that ear?

Steve: Well I left the army in 1988, so it probably started deteriorating in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

Q: And when did this prayer meeting take place?

Steve: It was about 3 or 4 weeks back, I think it was a Tuesday night. For about four days afterwards I had the sensation of liquid trying to come out of my ear, but my ear was bone dry. There wasn’t any liquid in it.

Paul said to me “all the time I’ve known you, you’ve never mentioned your hearing problem”. “Well I haven’t mentioned it to anybody” — that’s what took me by surprise when Pete asked about it. I said “you just learn to live with it. If you remember every time we’re round your house I always sit with everybody on my right hand side as I can’t make out anything on the left”.

And I can now. At the Prayer Event Andy was walking past talking into the microphone, and I said “I wish he wouldn’t use that microphone, it’s too loud!” And since then I’ve had to turn the TV down, I’ve turned the radio in the car down. Everything’s good with it at the moment.

I was talking to Martin Dodd about it, as he does hearing for Specsavers, and he said that it was impossible for it to come back. And I said “well it has!”. And he said “I don’t want to disbelieve you, but there’s no medical way that it could come back.”

It blew me away really, because I had never met the guy [Pete Lozinski] before, and I hadn’t told anybody that I was suffering with it because you just get used to it and adapt your life to it.

But now I’m listening to you over the phone through my left ear, which wasn’t previously possible, and you’re coming through perfectly clear.

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