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Groups are where we make friends, belong and grow together. There are lots of groups at Kings and lots of places to connect with others. Groups like Alpha and Alpha Plus for those who want to find out more about Christianity. Activity groups like cycling, musicianship, photography and crafts. Groups focused on Bible study and following our Sunday teaching series. Groups like Rooted for those who are new to Kings wanting to find out how we tick. Groups that are teams and serve an area of Church life. Groups that have a mission or social action focus reaching out to our community. And this term we have also included Kids and Youth Groups. With such a wide variety we hope there is something for everyone, whether you are new to Kings or have been around for a while.

We’re currently working hard on getting our groups web page up and running, so in the meantime you can find all our groups listed in Identity magazine, available at all our venues on a Sunday morning. You can also download a PDF here.

Once you have chosen your group click on this link and complete the group request form.


Happy Birthday Centro!

Centro One Year On

Wow what an amazing adventure our first year at Kings Centro has been.

We’ve seen 15 new people joining the church, 8 people being baptised and had nearly 250 different visitors on Sunday mornings. 12 guests attended our first Alpha Course and last Sunday we had our biggest Sunday attendance yet with nearly 240 people at our baby dedications. Our kids work is amazing and we regularly have 30 children under the age of 11 with us on a Sunday morning.

We’ve seen hips healed, ears unblocked, addiction to smoking and prescription drugs broken, Fathers finding a relationship with Jesus on their death beds and people finding work or money provided when they didn’t have any.

We have people from all over the world who have made this church their home. Poland, Spain, South Africa, Columbia, Russia, Australia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Greece, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Romania, America and many more each and every week.

Alongside our Sunday meetings 8 life groups meet with almost 100 adults attending each week and they have been regularly praying for our town and involved serving at Food Bank, Mathew 25, the Night Shelter and on Street Pastors. We’ve had faithful women going out every week into the town centre to sit on a bench intentionally talking to and praying for people they meet. During this time they’ve had words of knowledge and prayed for healing for those they’ve met.

We’ve hosted a production of Noah with over 500 guests, been part of the Eastbourne Carnival, handed out balloons, sweets and mother day flowers in town. Invited people to our Christmas and Easter celebrations and we are currently as part of the church’s LOVE Eastbourne gift day we’re buying Bourne school a new climbing frame for their playground.

Finally we’ve been blessed to build amazing relationships with local business including green grocers, cafes, bars and bistros through hosting prayer meetings and Alphas in restaurants in town, ladies cake nights, evening meals or men gathering after work at the Pub.

There are so many more stories you could hear from every person who’s been involved.

While enthusiasm and momentum will only carry us so far, we are here for the long term. We want to see our town changed and blessed as a result of us as a family of believers sharing and displaying the good news of the gospel.

The church we want to be is …..
Generous, Encouraging, Thankful, Real, Adventurous and Welcoming.

My prayer is that as we continue to meet and bless our town we would find more ways of engaging with the town throughout the week. I want us to continue in faith expectant that God would heal and save those we meet, welcoming all those we meet, thankful for all we have and a people who are blessing the community in town that we have been called to call our home.

Oli Stevens
Centro Site Pastor

Church planting in Amsterdam

Out of our 50/50 Gift Day in March we are investing half of the money raised into five international projects. Matt and Jo Simmonds, from CCK in Brighton, will shortly be moving to Amsterdam to plant a church.

Matt & Jo Simmonds and family

As one of the most international cities on the planet, a centre of culture and business, and very few Christians on the ground, this is a fantastic opportunity to shine light in a dark place. So we’re very pleased to be able to support them financially, right at the beginning of their adventure.

We caught up with Matt to fill us in on the details:

Q: When are you launching your church plant?

MS: We’re moving with our family in mid July but we probably won’t launch on a Sunday (to the public that is) until we’ve got a strong core of people with us, perhaps in a year or so. We’re in no rush and would rather make sure we build well enough so that whenever we launch, we can do it really well (and then keep on doing it without exhausting everyone within a few weeks).

However, a lot will be going on before then as we build team, learn the city and settle in our family.

Q: Who’s going with you to plant the church?

MS: We’ve got a team of 12 adults and 11 kids coming with us initially. They’ll all be moving into the city over the next 2/3 months from various parts of the UK & the Netherlands. There’s a whole bunch of other people who are interested in getting involved, some already living in Amsterdam and others from around the country and elsewhere in Europe.

Q: Do you have a name for the church yet?

MS: No. Well, sort of… I have an idea for a name but it’s top secret.

Q: What will the financial support help you to do?

MS: We’re so grateful to King’s Church for getting behind us in prayer and financial support. When you’re getting ready to plant a church (particularly when you’re moving your family to a new nation), one of the big questions you need to answer is; ‘how are we going to pay for this?’ (obviously) and then after that ‘how are we going to make this sustainable for the long term?’. The gift from King’s helps us to answer the first question and gives us a bit of breathing space for the second one too!

Q: What’s are the biggest challenges your face — what can we pray for?

MS: Please pray for our family as we move and get used to a new context, in particular pray for our kids (we have four daughters aged between 2 & 8). The oldest 3 will all start in a Dutch school in September which will be a big change for them. Pray they make friends, learn the language and settle in quickly.

Also, pray for more people to join us. We’re so excited about what God has planned for this church plant. He’s beginning to lay some big dreams on our hearts yet as we explore the city more and more we’re increasingly aware of the challenge ahead of us. We’ve got a great team already with us but we’ll need more people, many more, to help build a pumping church to reach this incredible city.


Find out more on facebook or on their blog